A fun, easy-to-teach, cut down version of the traditional game

What is 5asideCHESS

"Connecting People - Know Yourself Through Others"

How it works

Instead of 2 you only have 1 Bishop, Knight & Castle playing alongside your King & Queen.

This greatly speeds up the game, makes it fun, and ideal to play anywhere.

Easy to learn

Rules are exactly the same so if you know the game you’re good to go – and if you don’t it is easy to learn.

Where Can I Play?

We want everyone to play chess in their local cafe, bar and waiting areas…

You can donate a set to help us achieve this and become a ChesStar on our Chess Wall of Fame map!

Spread the Word

Please share your favorite 5asideCHESS games and photos with us on Instagram.

Be a game changer: Help us get chess out there


We love chess so much ...
...we want everyone to share the love but we need to make it easier to get into

If you play the game already you know all about the amazing benefits and fun you can have – so we want You to help us drag the Game of Kings invented in India in 5 hundred and something out of the old world chess club and into the openness of the 21st century street café.

Donate a set to your local café

5asideCHESS map to find your nearest board

Crowd Funding Campaign

Help us spread chess by promoting our campaign

Buy a 5asideChess set

Make your move — Help us get chess out there

Limited Editions - only 1000 are made of each design

Every board-bag is a limited edition artwork.

Contains pieces, traditional and 5asideCHESS.

Enjoy playing with your friends

Get a 1st Edition 5-a-side chess set including board-bag and 32 pieces

Put yourself on our 5asideChess Wall of Fame?

Get a 1st Edition 5-a-side chess set including board-bag and 32 pieces, and your name on the Chess Wall of Fame map by generously donating your set to a public space of your choice

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